Ten Tips To Stay Balanced From A “Do-it-Yourself Dramma”

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Ten Tips To Stay Balanced From A “Do-it-Yourself Dramma”

My grandchildren call me Dramma. It’s a title I am very fond of and find quite appropriate. After all, I raised my children while doing standup comedy, movies and TV. I guess the extra ‘m’ (rather than using Drama) represents my desire to do more. At least they don’t call me “Dramma Queen.”

The title Dramma has had various tags depending on the occasion. For example, at one point I was too poor to keep things together or perform house repairs so I started using Duct Tape for everything. The title Duct Tape Dramma stuck (pun intended) for quite a while. Recently it was morphed into Do-it-Yourself Dramma, because, and I quote, “If you can do it yourself, Dramma will do it!” And they are right, I do.

That is because I learned at some point in the evolution of me that the most efficient way to complete a task is to either pay someone to do it or to do it yourself. For much of my life paying was not a choice I could make. So I did it myself. As a result I can build anything, decorate anything, weld, sew, knit, crochet, paint, cook, clean, write, produce, direct, act, sing, teach, learn and heal brains. I know, I know; very eclectic.

I wear many hats with many catchy titles. Mom4evermore is my parenting moniker while Lynette Louise is a catchy two first name performer’s delight. I am most known for being The Brain Broad, a woman who travels globally inviting the brains of variously disordered people to heal. And as I already mentioned, Do-it -Yourself Dramma is my newest descriptive brand.

And that is how I stay balanced.

I live the role and let the money take care of itself. I make all of my hats work for me. Perhaps “changing hats is as good as a rest” for some people. For me, it reduces stress and prevents me from staring at my inbox waiting for a return on whatever action I just took. For me, fulfilling the role and changing the hat allows the return to come while I busy myself planting new seeds in a totally different garden. And because I feel refreshed every time I change hats, I feel one hundred percent focused in what I do when I do it. And being focused in the moment keeps me happy and energized and makes all of my work fun. So yes, I am a do-a-holic but that’s okay. All of the things I do are fun, especially playing with special children while I teach their families how to invite healing for their brains.

As a result of that role I have changed many lives. I meet people, teach them how to do what I do, and then I move on.

And that is my life. I change hats and stay balanced. And as a result I accomplish wonderful things.

If you want a similarly wonderful journey here are a few tips:

  1. Clear your head every hour. Take a minute to look out the window, call a loved one, walk to the bathroom, do a couple of yoga bends or change your hat.
  2. Seek change. Change your work station, your drive to work, your cloths etc. It makes you flexible and sinewy enough to bend with the wind and improve your life when change finds you.
  3. Do everything you love and if you don’t love it anymore, stop.
  4. Rule your finances not vice versa.
  5. Never stop learning. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, someone already did and it’s okay for you to use it, but keep learning. And while being the student/researcher never embrace lessons that invoke fear.
  6. Believe it is possible.
  7. See the journey as well as the end point or you may sacrifice your life only to find yourself getting to the goal too old to enjoy it.
  8. Seek inspiration from your surroundings, your senses and your heroes. Change heroes as often as you change your hats.
  9. Pay your bills.
  10. Enjoy your world by taking care of your body and your brain. I suggest neurofeedback, organic food and lots of low impact walking.

I am a Do-it-Yourselfer Dramma who could be called a Do-aholic. Mostly I am happy, loved and successful in all my endeavors. I heal brains by sharing what I know. Thank you for letting me share. And if you want some neurofeedback visit me at Brain and Body. I come to you no matter where you live.

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About the Author: Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD is an international mental health expert specializing in autism. As the mother of eight now grown children (six adopted, four on the autism spectrum) Lynette has become a passionate teacher of actionable answers via books, podcasts, videos and more for families around the globe. http://www.lynettelouise.com http://www.brainbody.net  .


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